Why Rastafari Music Should Depart from Religion

rastafari flag

Rastafari alongside Reggae/Dancehall has cracked open every crevasse and corner of the global sphere and is continuing to do so through relentless efforts to push the music farther. But something that has caught my ears in recents years in the near synchronization of Reggae music and Christian radicalism.

Rastafari was found through the understanding of Haile Selassie through which former slaves redefined themselves “through their own spectacles”. A consequence of Rastafari beliefs being dispersed all over the Christian intoxicated slums of Kingston was the integration of Rasta and Christianity. This was mainly because Rastafari seemed so far fetched and beyond the norm that a justification or link to what was already taught had to be instituted in the livity.

What resulted was some believing that Haile Selassie is God (the return of Christ) and the Bible becoming the book that guide some of them through life. Now unlike foreigners who tend to ignore certain scriptures in the Bible or craft wild explanations to justify the obvious; the Rasta man just repeats in plain and unbiased terms the truth which lies in the book.

As a result of this there is the on going and old “bunnin out” (burning out) campaign of everything the Bible speaks against. “Bun lucifa, bun Sodom, bun Gomorra, bun pagan, bun eden….just bun bun bun!”

The interesting thing about this is that these men and women are properly adjusted to their society and should should not be condemned with poisonous labels as they are just being what the Bible and society wants them to be.

Jamaica does not have the most homophobic people in the world in, in fact as Les Green a Scotland Yard officer sent to investigate the alleged apocalyptic state of Jamaican homosexuals put’s it this way, “It’s just the hype from some who claim Jamaica is very anti-homosexual, but the reality is far from that. There are many homosexuals who live and work freely in Jamaica.”

But as we all know their is this on going campaign to market homosexuality to everybody and obviously some people are against this not only in Jamaica but everywhere. Regarding certain topics it’s as if your democratic right are subtly stripped away as you have to keep quiet out of fear of being called horrendous names and face demonization from the media.

Jamaican sound clash culture must be understood before you engage in proper discourse as many don’t understand the artists lyrics. When two sounds are at war the selectors engage in a cuss out where you diss the other sound system often by attaching titles seen as unwarlike to them. So they say, “kill a waste man sound, dust out a likkle bwoy, kill a gyally gyally sound, run  bow cat sound, done a battyman sound – for some reason everybody ignored every other declaration and took issue with only this one.

Well evidently the embargo on Reggae/Dancehall won’t stop so it maybe time to stop with hate spurred by religion in the music. And it’s time for the gay community to have a civil discussion with the men and women of the industry and stop with the sporadic banning of shows.

The men and women of the industry are no fools. Just take Beenie Man for example, he apologized to the gay community and they are still banning and protesting at his shows. So what is it that these people really want, because obviously an apology wasn’t enough and these entertainers are not the type to be made public mascots.

More importantly the hate which is becoming more outspoken in the genre against the musicians fellowman becoming unbearable.    Though it should be expected based on Jamaica’s political history, it’s still a hard pill to swallow. What about love, respect and honour your black brother and move progressively out of the colonial mainframe?

Religion a cloud the youth dem mind. *no offense to religious readers.

Why doesn’t anyone make dub poetry anymore; music based on history?

*the lyrics are in the description of the video.


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