The 21st Century Minstrel Show

If dress like this Def Jam will pay you 2 million dollars

Trinidad James
If you dress like this Def Jam will pay you 2 million dollars

They are everywhere. Day in and day out as you skim through the realms of ignorant television tattooed faced hoodlums leap at you in 1080 pixels. They are glorified, in abundance and most importantly fueled by the corporate heavy weights who obviously get a kick out of making particular groups hated because of a few cancer cells.

Recently an NBC Blogger described the music of popular Chicago rapper Chief Keef as a “Minstrel Show” and I was bubbling with anger when I saw people on a blog creating havoc because the blogger was white. WTF! No matter how you slice it this illiterate bug is charging the already pragmatic racial atmosphere and making it harder for big black guys (like myself) to live peacefully without fear of being harassed by cops, passed by cabs and having to watch random old ladies clench their belongings when you and them are in confined spaces.

katt williams chief keef makes music for

This whole thing needs to stop because its like if a hip-hop act goes to a major record label with substance they turn him back for possession of intelligence. My word man, what the hell is going on? Just recently Trinidad James was signed for two million dollars and Chief Keef was inked for three million. Like seriously most underground acts can’t even get the time of these CEO’s. But seeing the morbid nature of capitalism in the United States I’m not surprised. Here’s why; a black man jumping up and down spewing venom as he goes along is far easier to sell to suburban youth than a mature thought provoking assortment by the Roots.

It’s business; you play on long standing stereotypes which persist but are swept under the lumpy rug. And seriously where do these guys even come from. They can’t possible be real gangster’s and snitchin’ on themselves all day everyday.

Fat Trel and Chief Keef

Fat Trel and Chief Keef

You know what these guys aren’t even thugs, they are just concoctions of a boardroom meeting. In these meetings money hungry execs sit and deliberate over whats going to be the next big thing, what’s gonna catch their eyes and ears.

Its gotta be controversial, shocking and yet somehow consistent with the wider beliefs 0f the consumer. Think about it, the 19th century Minstrel Shows were playing on the biases held by a structurally stratified and cruel society i.e. the enslavement of Africans and now corporate sponsored hip-hop is now playing on the beliefs of a still structurally stratified and cruel society.

For the benefit of young black children facing mass incarceration this foolishness needs to stop because it’s cementing ridiculous belief in the minds of people not only in the United States but all over the world.


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