End of the World Bucket List

mayan calender world end

So with all this talk of the world coming to an end(again), I began thinking, “what would I do before the world ends?”. Immediately  a sporadic headache hit me like Heats fans when Labron removed his head band.

The plethora of things which could be done was shocking. Surprisingly in thinking of the end I found time to recognize how long 24hrs really is. In just a day I could change the world in some sort of weird more than likely uninteresting way; but it’s a change none the lest.

Should the world end here’s a few things I would need for to do before Armageddon:

  • Skydive
  • Admit to watching interesting videos on the internet
  • Tell my rude boss how sexy she is
  • Sit on my verandah in my birthday suit (I’m tired of getting dressed  just to do that)
  • …. several other things which are not suitable for your unprepared imagination

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