Sting 2012 Review

Spice Donkey at Sting 2012 Macka Diamond

Spice and Macka Twin

Well crowd a people another year another Sting and evidently the talk around town revolts around only a few acts. From what all the patrons and reporters are saying Dancehall/Reggae veteran Sizzla Kalonji gave an absolutely smashing performance capturing fans and critics alike.

The annually event hosted an amazing array of Rastafari and Reggae music at the traditionally Dancehall dominated Jamworld Stage in Portmore. Lightening, thunder and brimstone descended as I-Wayne roared the teachings of Rasta across the stage accompanied by the traditional flag bearers. Other Roots Rock Reggae stars included fresh acts such as Chronixx, Iba Mahr an impressive slew of new comers, all of whom received warm reception from the historically hard to please Sting massive.

Now an hilarious highlight from the event is when the big poppyshow name Blak Ryno run on and get push off, kick up and box dung. Popcaan beat up Ryno bad. (a it dat fe him piece a career)

Spice how yuh so wicked!

Spice how yuh so wicked!

But even more crazy than Ryno’s obvious embarrassment was the stunt pulled by the always entertaining Spice who brought a donkey on stage, comparing to Macka Diamond saying “a Macka twin” LMAO!!!!! Even more shocking was the fact that Macka wasn’t at Sting to defend her tattered throne under fire. (a run yah run eeh Lady Mackerel?)

You know seh this is not a good look especially after all the tough chat and throw wud weh did a light the place a fire right before the big night. (It’s not a good look)

But anyway Konshens who was obviously one of the hottest acts this year in music had the music but was apparently not the best at delivering live as he failed to bring or sustain expectations, which were huge! Other artists who deh everyweh but nuh big also performed such as Aidonia, Specialist and some adda bredda. How Isiah Laing never book Potential Kidd, a wah, or a because nobody naah talk bout him?

Mind ennuh Laing.

Yes all Sting fans who love the clash ting me hear that is Kiprich did a dig the grave dem over Portmore to bury the heap a dead body. Tony Matterhorn, Merciless and Ninjaman mek Kippo rub dem out suh till all Ninja him come and seh him a hand over the lyrical warfare title to him son Kiprich. But differently a long time me a bring Kippo eno; the man have talent.



Regardless of the one hour late start and the modest crowd turn out Sting had it’s strong points. The recently released Busy Signal started fire hot and left lukewarm and veterans like Beenie Man aren’t being talked about. Not to mention that the Grung God himself Bounty Killer was absent from the show, many speculating that it is due to how Mr. Laing tried to milk the feud between hims and Dancehall new comer “Tommy Lee Sparta” who was well received though not as much as he could have been had he not went to war with the Killer.

Well overall the event seemed to have went fine, not as well as expected but good anyway. Especially when you consider the fact that Vybz Kartel is incarcerated, Mavado was a no show and Macka Diamond absent the event went as well as possible. So congratulations Dancehall, you have given us another moment to remember.

Big Up Dancehall, Big Up Sting, Large Up di whole a Jamaica!!!!!!!



  1. I liked Sting this year…it had some good and not so good moments but overall it nice show, with few drama. I like the fact that the young artist them a get them shine. Love Tommy Lee, Pop Caan, Busy, Spice, Sizzla, Kip, Ninja, all of the artist them that attended…Big up, yu large!! Overall the Sting was all good…i watched it online and was pleased, no regrets, Sting is forever entertaining! Laing big up yuself!

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