Jamaica Has the Best Politicians in the World

Portia Simpson Miller

Jamaica’s current leader – Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Jamaica has had politicians who should be studies for those inept new comers to the political sphere who suffer from an incessant need to tell the truth, uplift the poor and just be a person with some moral stature.

From the 1960’s when a group of long gut politricktions to the reigns from the oppressive regime which was the United Kingdom they the politicians have embarked on a tremendous extractive campaign to fill their pockets and their diluted ego’s. From the identity crisis of Alexander Bustamante and the strict capitalism endorse by Edward Seaga to the dishonest and purely ridiculous policies of Michael Manley and his spawn Michael Manley.

No one cares. I had heard on several occasions people in dismay and reflecting saying we should have just remained a possession of the slave masters because all we had achieved from “independence” was a slew of transfers. Transfers of the little we have into the hands of the few by corrupt channels, transferred from the subject of Elizabeth to under the boot heel of Uncle Sam…etc, etc, etc.

So how was this done you may ask- elementary my dear reader. Complex and well finance political campaigns reinforced by sand rhetoric which had no chance of ever knocking at the door of reality.

What has resulted is a once forward moving society in the 1960’s to a gloom and doom time bomb ticking away at any prospect of growth and development. The final nails were driven through the palms of the poor in the 1990’s when the beloved “black prince” sold out Jamaica fe cheeze trix and bag juice. Yep Mr. PJ. Patterson made a complete fool out of those who had voted him in. Just ask all those who hung themselves when FINSAC collapsed.

The former PM Bruce Golding in conjunction with the US goverment carried out an execution of 73 people in the West Kingston area. And now everybody a play see an blind, hear and deaf. Them a worry bout dem VISA. lol. Lawd a massy.

Audley Shaw Budget finance

Former Finance Minister Audley Shaw

I remember vividly in 2011 the former minister of finance Audley Shaw stressed to preposterous extremes the state that the Jamaican macroeconomic and financial sectors were in while the then leader of the government Andrew Holness made an obvious political blunder – he told the truth. Looking Jamaican people dead in the eye and telling them to expect “bitter medicine”. The elections for them was an embarrassment.

Fast forward a year, corned beef can’t even be  afforded much less oxtail and the dreaded political farce of JEEP the so called (Jamaica Emergency Employment Program)  has done its job exquisitely well it won the PNP the general elections and provided miniscule work for supporter of the present government all while gobbling up the what left of Jamaica.

So where are we now? We are on our face begging the greedy IMF a loan after being downgraded from stable to negative. Plus the poor will be facing horrendous austerity which will only assist in crime increase and poverty spiraling. But as time have shown when things get tough blame the music and popular culture for everything. Who remembered when Peter Bunting tried to blame Vybz Kartel’s song “Reparations” for the wide spreading scamming and fraud afflicting Jamaica and several other countries. This was so embarrassing to watch not to mention the added shame that a member of his party was later found to be a beneficiary. (allegedly, but we all know the truth).

Bwoy a tell yuh – mi cry fe di youths of the poor.


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