The caribtorch is in reference to the indigenous people who inhabited to geographic and cultural space known as the caribbean. In this website the spirit and the flame of those who were here before and those living here today burns bright.

The aboriginal people of the Caribbean such as the Tainos of Jamaica, the Caribs of the Lesser Antilles, Siboney of Cuba as well as the various other are mostly gone due to voilent wickedness but there memory lives on.

The original motto for the site was “running with the proud caribbean flame” though it has officially changed to “spark the flame” rest assured this site is dedicated to promoting and celebrating caribbean life.

So take time and look around the site. 🙂

CaribTorch is a website which seeks to bring Caribbean people together through conglomerated and up to the minute news, reviews and the latest on entertainment and lifestyle. Recognizing the diverse and demanding circumstance of West Indian life we will also be taking a look of the experiences of the individual in the Caribbean diaspora both regionally and internationally.

The Magnificent Caribbean Sea!

With this site I would really like to see the manifestation of closer Caribbean communication using the internet as the median for discourse on matters in the Caribbean region and factors concerning those of us living in far away lands.

We are truly a part of a splendid geographic and cultural location.

Founded: June 14, 2012.


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