End of the World Bucket List

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So with all this talk of the world coming to an end(again), I began thinking, “what would I do before the world ends?”. Immediately  a sporadic headache hit me like Heats fans when Labron removed his head band. The plethora of things which could be done was shocking. Surprisingly in thinking of the end I found time to recognize … Continue reading


Happy New Year’s Resolution!

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Its that time of year again, a time to reflect on joyous splender which exhumed our tiresome bodies amidst the onslaught of living, a time when we grob our pen, paper and scale and begin our intricate plot. What’s the plan? Operation New Year’s Resolution. We sit for hours contemplating our plan of change as we reflect on the … Continue reading

Jamaica, a State of Contradiction

poverty in jamaica caribtorch

As we draw to a close of our 50th year of “independence” one simply cannot ignore the fact that we are a country filled with a myriad of contradicting views, lives and sense of nationhood and identity. From the luxury of Tryall Estates to the God forsaken poverty of the Rivoli dump the pages as you skin through Jamaica’s social composition seem to be mismatched and organized by an intoxicated infant.

Jamaica was the envy of small and medium sized countries in the 1960’s, Jamaica’s economy was growing at highes of 10% annually. The  labourites under Bustamante, Shearer and Sangster were in good command of economic policy. The problem with this growth was that it was going to the few, the few who had been in control of the masses of capital for centuries. Recognizing this political opportunity Michael Manley declared that a “black man time”  and it’s time for a change and “betta mus come”.

In reflecting on Manley’s rhetoric compared to his actions it is abundantly clear that he was just another politician doing what politicians do. While his heart may have been in the right place, this man was a complete failure even Ian Boyne a PNP speech writer had to admit this fact in the midst of one of his glowing columns in the Gleaner about Manley being Jamaica’s greatest leader. *hiss teet, move an gweh*

He built a cabinet which was lacking utility and sustenance. He was lost and didn’t know what the blutclaat he was doing. So he begged the Cuban Fidel Castro for assistance. But as we all know the United States and Cuba didn’t have any relations then and Jamaica and Manley had to be punished by Washington’s hegemonic whip for seeking aid in nation building by someone they didn’t like.

So amidst all the talk of communism in Jamaica the electorate began to stray from Manley and in 1980 the JLP’s Edward Seaga, a pro American, Harvard educated and very stern capitalist took the mantle. What resulted was the invasion of American firms and the re-institutionalized US dominion of  Jamaica. Sweat shops followed, and disturbances to the structure of trade unions.

Strength of trade unions what had built the initial JLP which had swayed from it foundations to suite global one way flow of revenue. After Manley retook Jamaica in 1989 with new capitalist initiatives he made a prophecy that would actually hold, “as long as I’m alive you will never see power” in reference to Seaga. Seaga never regained power.

What followed next was Mr. PJ “Black Prince” Patterson who effectively destroyed Jamaica’s financial sector, including his own bank. 😆

He also contributed to another self destructive saying in Jamaica,”Black man can’t do business”. He was yet a another FAILURE!!! But the people loved him and gave him power for 18 years!

Today after several more leaders the economy has been anemic for 40 years, we hate our culture, the way how we speak and the masses both educated and non-educated are suffering from severe identity crisis. The uptown, downtown foolishness has lead to serious and sustained class division and most of us have foreign mind. Not to mention the severe income inequality in the country.

Tryall Mansion

Tryall Mansion

Look here nuh. Capitalism and attempts at Communism has failed. It’s full time we look internally and access wehere we are at and where we want to be. This consistent importation of idealism, which were designed for different places and time is destroying us. It’s full time we stop the ism, skism and thinnk reality like the rastaman seh.

Red Rat – Nuh Live Nuh Weh Lyrics


Church Means Business in Jamaica

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The statistics show the situation, “Jamaica has the most churches per square mile in the world”. Aw, disbelief and amazement might strike the non-Jamaican reader as they say to themselves, “don’t they have the highest crime rate in the world?”. Why, yes. But for the most part church in Jamaica is not about spiritual deliverance, … Continue reading