Living in Love and Solidarity

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Whatever happened to love? Of late I haven’t been hearing any talk of mutual understanding and appreciation for one another; just slews of differences. This is not nice at all as it further separates us when the contrast we see between ourselves begin to take on infinitely different shades. Taking into consideration the nature of … Continue reading


Everyone Should Blog

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Every computer literal person should blog. I am serious everyone who has even the most minuscule knowledge of manipulating a keyboard should at least test try running blog. For me blogging serves as a luxurious laxative as I rant on about Jamaica and the Caribbean’s continuing social ills and just about anything I want. When stressed blogging takes the … Continue reading

The Image of Ghetto

There is a dangerous and intentional relation in the media between stupidity, ignorance, welfare and the social/psychological contraption called “ghetto”. When the word ghetto is used particular stereotypes arise quickly, these often times surround people being lazy, ignorant and violent. But what this term fails to highlight is the socially engineered predicament which many of these so called “ghetto” people face on a day to day basis.

In the media and definitely in corporate sponsored hip-hop there is a seemingly perennial attachment of black people, guns and drugs. Often times when a black person behaves a particular way, looks a particular or even speaks a certain way the ghetto badge is immediately thrown on their shoulders. This is where the danger arises when you irrationally label people by appearance. These people will probably whined up getting “randomly” stopped six times a day.

I don’t like it. It leads to pretentious behavior and low self-esteem in those designated to be of lower standing in society. The way you speak is a derivative of where you are from and you should never allow people on a foggy mission to cloud your vision. Furthermore these self-righteous and talkative class worshippers usually have nothing better to do or they are from the “ghetto” too and are ashamed so they are on a quest to rid the world of their roots.

Listen in these social settings liberal and new wave thinking is always active and it manifests in new art forms alien to the conventional norm. Just look at Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soul, Blues(Rock), Dancehall…etc they all started on the marks of poverty and have manifested into great gifts to culture.

So don’t be fooled the next time some one tries to throw you in their misconstrued idea of poverty, illiteracy and pity when they use the word ghetto.

Do You Have the Power to Delete Your Facebook Account?

Tired of notifications, sinister requests and phony friends? Well I’ve got the solution for ya! Press delete, deactivate or whatever Zuckerburg has designated to be the get me out of here option.

Be warned my people it won’t be easy. Brace yourself for sleepless nights as you moan and groan over what you think your friends are thinking. Don’t be moved by the urge to investigate Farmville livestock, do not be caught by the epic troll pages which you visited religiously as a means of safe passage to dream land. *falling asleep infront of the television seems overrated these days*

Last but certainly not least be prepared for free counseling sessions courtesy of your “friends”. Sessions will include queries into your e-personally life. “Did you take the big step because he changed his status to single?”

In spite of all of this don’t be afraid to take back control of what was your private life, but remember many have made the decision and wound up in rehab. Even more sad, countless ran back to the social life threatening drug.

In fact many of you are logging on for your daily dose as you read this.