The lead suspect in the Captain Barkey murder is being sought after

The man above Joseph Kernizan is being sought after by the NYPD in the murder of Captain Barkey and his alleged girlfriend.If you have any knowledge of the where about of this man please contact the police.

This is just so tragic, can you imagine the man leave Jamaica and go meet him death. In a call with Ragashanti him fellow deejay and long time partner Wicker Man elaborated on the fact that he and Barkey had scored a major world tour and were set to make a great deal. It’s just too sad.

THE New York police yesterday named 42-year-old Joseph Kernizan as the suspect in the Saturday morning murder of Jamaican dancehall deejay Captain Barkey and his girlfriend Tracy Bennett.

Last night, the New York police told the Jamaica Observer that Kernizan has a long rap sheet.

“He has 16 prior arrests,” Lieutenant John Grimpel told the Observer. The charges, Lt Grimpel said, include robbery, assault, forgery, criminal possession of a weapon, and fraud.

Lt Grimpel also said that Kernizan, who is Haitian, lives in Long Island and has two children with Bennett. He also said that Bennett had a restraining order on Kernizan.

Fifty-year-old Barkey (real name Wayne Hamilton) and 38-year-old Bennett were gunned down in the parking lot of the Holiday Motel in Bronx, New York, around 3:10 am.

Last night, Lt Grimpel said that they had video footage of Kernizan that captured by the hotel’s closed circuit TV.

Hamilton and Bennett were about to leave the motel in her white Toyota Camry when they were attacked.

“The killer was waiting when the couple emerged from the Holiday Motel around 3:10 am, and he blasted more than two dozen bullets at the helpless duo,” the New York Daily News reported witnesses and police as saying.

According to the Daily News, “Hamilton hopped from the passenger seat and tried to escape the hail of bullets that cut him down just outside the motel office”.

“The suspect then turned his pistol on the weeping Bennett as she stood next to her parked sedan, its motor still running,” the newspaper report added.

Both the Daily News and the New York Post reported witnesses as saying that Bennett pleaded for her life before she, too, was shot dead.

Yesterday, the New York Post reported that Hamilton had flown to La Guardia on Saturday night from Milwaukee, where he lived.

“He went straight to Bronx nightclub Memories, where he joined up with Bennett,” the Post story said, adding that friends reported that Bennett drove him to the motel.

The Post also reported a friend of Hamilton and fellow musician, as saying that the couple had been dating for about two years.

Captain Barkey was a veteran of the sound system circuit. He started deejaying with two Spanish Town sound systems — Stereo One and People’s Choice.

He had a few minor hits before topping local charts 16 years ago with Go Go Wine, after which he scored with Bun Fi Bun.

He eventually partnered with fellow deejay Wickerman (real name David Taylor) and the duo put out a number of hits, recording for giant dancehall producers King Jammys and Steelie and Clevie.

RIP Capt. Barkey
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Horror in St.James! 8 year old among five females brutally raped by gunmen

Olivia “Babsy” Grange and Gladys Brown

My heart was broken to pieces this morning as I read the paper of the brutal crime which took place in St. James, Jamaica.

IRWIN, St James — An eight-year-old was among five females who were attacked and viciously raped by two gunmen in the community of Irwin on Monday night.

The young girl, according to a source, had to undergo emergency surgery yesterday as a result of the ordeal.

The ages of the other victims, the Jamaica Observer has learnt, are 14, 16, 23, and 28.

According to the police, the incident happened at approximately 10:00 pm when two men — one of whom was armed with a firearm — went to the house where the girl was with the four other females.

The heartless thugs gained access into the house after they held onto one of the occupants, through a window, and demanded that the door be opened.

All five were held at gunpoint, tied up and raped.

Police said the men also robbed the occupants of an undetermined sum of cash and other valuables before escaping.

The police have since launched an investigation into the horrific incident.

Last night, Superintendent Gladys Brown, who heads the Kingston and St Andrew branch of the Centre for the Investigation Of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), said she was shocked by the incident.

Although admitting that she had little information on the incident, she said it appeared a “deliberate act of violence to show power”.

“I am really wondering what is happening, I have never seen anything like this,” she told the Observer.

“It sounds like someone is flexing their muscles, so to speak, because that’s the most I can say as to what could have caused persons to brutalise women and children like that,” Brown added.

Opposition spokesperson on youth, sports, gender affairs, entertainment and culture, Olivia “Babsy’ Grange, described the incident “as one of the most shocking, horrific and despicable crimes committed against Jamaican women”.

According to Grange, “the crime is yet another example of the diminishing respect and love for women in the society, especially girls, when an eight-year-old can be so brutally abused and pregnant women are being killed by both criminals and those whom they expect to protect them.

“This latest act is also a glaring example of the breakdown of law and order in the country; and unless something is done, and done quickly, we will be facing another year of record murders and sexual crimes against women and children in the society,” she added.

Meanwhile, efforts by the Observer to contact Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna for comment were unsuccessful last night.


What is really happening to our piece of land?

Anti-Muslim film protest spreads to over 20 countries.

Muslims in prayer.

Muslims in prayer.

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Fury over an anti-Islam film spread across the Muslim world yesterday, with deadly clashes near Western embassies in Tunisia and Sudan, an American fast-food restaurant set ablaze in Lebanon, and international peacekeepers attacked in the Sinai despite an appeal for calm from Egypt’s Islamist president.

At least four people — all protesters — were killed and dozens were wounded in the demonstrations in more than 20 countries from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. Most were peaceful but they turned violent in several nations, presenting challenges for the leaders who came to power in the Arab Spring.

Security forces worked to rein in the anti-American crowds but appeared to struggle in doing so. Police in Cairo prevented stone-throwing protesters from getting near the US Embassy, firing tear gas and deploying armoured vehicles in a fourth day of clashes in the Egyptian capital. One person died there after being shot by rubber bullets.

The State Department said US Embassy personnel were reported to be safe in Tunisia, Sudan and Yemen — sites of yesterday’s violent demonstrations.

President Barack Obama said Washington would “stand fast” against attacks on US embassies around the world. He spoke at a sombre ceremony paying tribute to four Americans — including US Ambassador Chris Stevens — killed earlier this week when the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was stormed by militants who may have used protests of the anti-Muslim film to stage an assault on the 11th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

An elite Marine rapid response team arrived in Yemen’s capital of Saana, where local security forces shot live rounds in the air and fired tear gas at a crowd of an estimated 2,000 protesters who were kept about a block away from the US Embassy, which protesters broke into the day before.

In east Jerusalem, Israeli police stopped a crowd of about 400 Palestinians from marching on the US Consulate to protest the film. Demonstrators threw bottles and stones at police, who responded by firing stun grenades. Four protesters were arrested.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had tried to pre-empt the violence a day earlier by saying the rage and violence aimed at American diplomatic missions was prompted by “an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with”

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi went on national TV and appealed to Muslims not to attack embassies. It was his first public move to restrain protesters after days of near silence and appeared aimed at easing tensions with the US.