Artist of the Week: Beenie Man

Beenie Man aka Docta Moses

Anthony  Moses “Beenie Man” Davis was born in Kingston, Jamaica on August 22, 1973 has grown to be without question one of the caribbean loudest international voices as well as a Grammy winning act. He was born in the community of Waterhouse in Kingston and had began to shine magnificently from a young age. In fact after being introduced to various producers by veteran disc jock Barry G  the youngster at the time only ten had released an album and was working among grown men in the Dancehall circuit.

He had gained notoriety after winning the 1981 Tastees Patty Talent Contest and was heavily involved in the toasting(genre) scene however after minor success with “Too Fancy” Moses had to leave the music circle to finish school. He would soon return.

Upon his return in the late 1980’s Beenie was met by the overwhelming force of the voices of Dancehall namely Ninjaman, Super Cat and Shabba Ranks. He had began to record with Shocking Vibes Studio however the momentum was not as how the artist would imagined it and soon he he began to perform heavily at stage show and in 1992 he blazed Sunsplash and was instantly on the tongue of every Dancehall fan. Beenie had also entered a rivalry with another young artist; Bounty Killer which has last up until this very day after he was accused of stealing the killers style. Regardless in 1993 Beenie Man gained his first local number one with “Matie” *woman on the side*

The artist kept up the pace straight through the 90’s winning several awards in the process and gaining fabulous acclaim as a deejay, song writer and stage performer. One of the most noticeable and biggest hit in the 90’s for Beenie Man was the Dancehall/Reggae super track, “Dancehall Queen”

It wasn’t long before Beenie Man gained the attention of internationally acclaimed producers and artist such as The Neptunes and Wyclef Jean. With the extensive collaboration came the Grammy winning CD from Beenie Man dubbed “Art & Life”

Beenie Man Art & Life

The disc including Billboard Hot 100 hits like:

Girls Dem Sugar

Love Me Now

Beenie Man was on fire during the early 2000’s collaborating with mega stars like Janet Jackson on the track ‘Feel It Boy’

Beenie Man has truly had a defining career on the Dancehall/Reggae scene, however due to lyrics regarding his disapproval with homosexuality he has been forced to cancel shows and currently he doesn’t have a US work permit which caused him to lose big time when he was supposed to perform with Nicki Minaj on 106 & Park earlier this year. However the artist has held his head high and has looked back on several of his views and has made it known that he in no way was seeking to kill anyone. But the lyrical themes are a derivative of the Dancehall culture. All in all he has been undoubtedly a great artist, one of the best and he seems to be convinced as well as he is the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall.

Beenie Man aka Ras Moses, The Doctor, The Girls Dem Sugar