Sting 2012 Review

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Well crowd a people another year another Sting and evidently the talk around town revolts around only a few acts. From what all the patrons and reporters are saying Dancehall/Reggae veteran Sizzla Kalonji gave an absolutely smashing performance capturing fans and critics alike. The annually event hosted an amazing array of Rastafari and Reggae music … Continue reading


Why Rastafari Music Should Depart from Religion

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Rastafari alongside Reggae/Dancehall has cracked open every crevasse and corner of the global sphere and is continuing to do so through relentless efforts to push the music farther. But something that has caught my ears in recents years in the near synchronization of Reggae music and Christian radicalism. Rastafari was found through the understanding of Haile Selassie through which … Continue reading


Bounty Killer – Look

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This “Poor People Guvana” displays his frustration with the political system in Jamaica lyrically declaring his vexation with the hard grounds the youths have to walk day in and day out in what is an island paradise for many. Heavy corruption has been plaguing Jamaica’s shores for decades, both internal and external forces clash for the … Continue reading